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Our Story & What We Do

On July 25, 2010, the founder of AKL, George Kibanya, resigned from a top management job at the largest media house in East and Central Africa to start his most favorite passion that is rabbit farming. With only a laptop and a brain, he was determined to make it in the agribusiness venture whatever the odds. After approaching several supermarkets and hotels to sell the meat, it took only a short while before his clients started calling for a specific breed of rabbits for its patrons and soon the cheese moved. Today, George has trained personnel for the business. Lucy Mwangi has taken up the passion and is in charge of all operations of Alcare Group in Kenya. CANADA DORWAN GIANT RABBIT WAS BORN!

Rabbit Farming

Alcare Kenya Limited is undisputedly the largest, leading and the most trusted contract rabbit farming company in East and West Africa. Registered eight years ago, it provides a platform for rabbit farmers in East and West Africa to produce rabbits for breeding, meat and other products. ALCARE Kenya farming methods and models’ purpose is to create and maintain a vehicle for farmers who join our farming programs and become suppliers through our market guaranteed programs since we started the business in 2009. Today, AKL farmers earn between Kshs 150000 and Kshs. 500000 a month breeding rabbits.

Duck Farming

Birds are a very beautiful creation of nature. And ducks are also a very beautiful bird. There are many domestic duck breeds available around the world. Among those duck breeds, some are popular for meat production, some are famous for eggs production, some are good for exhibition purposes, some are raised as ornamental birds and some ducks are raised as pets. Ducks are classified into four groups; Bantam, Light, Medium and Heavy Weight. Domestic ducks are kept for specific purposes. Some ducks are good for meat, some are good for eggs.

Poultry Farming

With many years of working with rabbit farmers, we have collected many challenges farmers are going through. With the advent of many breeds of indigenous chicken into the country many chicken dealers, some unscrupulous, have approached farmers with the breeds almost confusing chicken farmers. We have gone out of our way to solicit for a quality indigenous chicken from Australia called AUSTRALOP chicken breed. This is a multipurpose chicken laying eggs and also ideal for meat as it grows to good weight at only 4 months.

Why Choose Us

Today, AKL farmers earn between Kshs 150000 and Kshs. 500000 a month breeding rabbits. Join us and let us help you through the path to Rabbit, Duck, and Poultry Farming.

AKL also constantly develops rabbit farming equipment for them and shares information to assist the farmers in producing consistent meat-rabbits for us. AKL is the ONLY company that consistently and scientifically propagates pure breed males and female rabbits in its production division for new farmers and DOES NOT resell rabbits from our farmers to other farmers; a common trend by all other rabbit dealers in Kenya. We also set the standard for and develop the young but growing rabbits to produce a quality product for the benefit of the farmer. We have selected certain loyal suppliers to exclusively contribute to the AKL model. AKL subscribes to the most modest methods in propagating of its rabbits and the same is expected from each and every farmer working with the company. Our animals are slaughtered by registered by registered abbot ours and we are on the list of inspected institutions by the Government.


Join us and let us help you through the path to Rabbit, Duck, and Poultry Farming.

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