Alcare Kenya Limited Poultry Farming

Alcare Kenya Limited Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming


With many years of working with rabbit farmers, we have collected many challenges farmers are going through.
With the advent of many breeds of indigenous chicken into the country many chicken dealers, some unscrupulous, have approached farmers with the breeds almost confusing chicken farmers.

We have gone out of our way to solicit for a quality indigenous chicken from Australia called AUSTRALOP chicken breed. This is a multipurpose chicken laying eggs and also ideal for meat as it grows to good weight at only 4 months.

Although not grown on a contract basis, chicken products are so popular in Kenya such that demand is always high.
We are in the process of introducing an American broiler breed, American chick, that is 3 weeks fast growing.
This will help broiler chicken farmers in realizing their inputs faster in the country.

The chicken grows naturally well, eats moderately and is strong against most chicken diseases.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why indigenous chicken?
  • Features of Grolier chicken?
  • What are the Challenges and benefits of indigenous chicken?
  • What is Groiler chicken?
  • How unique is it compared to local breeds ken brew, indigenous, Kari, curler, etc?

Role of Alcare Kenya Limited

Getting started in Grolier indigenous chicken farming-construction of chicken house, feeding, proteins, minerals, vitamins, water, cleaning and disinfecting


  • Selection of eggs for setting
  • Shortening the reproductive cycle
  • Serial hatching
  • Synchronized hatching
  • Management of chicks

Benefits of Grolier chicken compared to all others

  • Hand reared
  • Best foundation bird
  • Good eating
  • Prolific layers
  • Black color desirable
  • Roost in trees to escape predators
  • Reach sexual maturity at 143 days
  • Have large eggs – 52.5 gms on average
  • Puts on meat quicker than any other indigenous breed
  • Its flesh has high fatty acid content of 16:1 fatty acid in Ovambo
  • Can survive really hard conditions
  • Highly prized for low input systems hence sustainable
  • Produce large quality eggs
  • Builds meat relatively
  • Can survive without coddling
  • Can produce 310 eggs per egg
  • Most productive egg laying breed
  • Extremely hardy in most climate
  • The best layer of brown eggs in chicken
  • Calm and docile
  • Easily handled
  • Bear confinement with  no problem and open farms too
  • Weigh to 8.5 pounds
  • Has relatively large size and pinkish white skin help it to dress nicely once the chicken develops full plumage
  • The heavy bird covered in glossy black iridescent purple tint in the sunlight  and a whole flock of australopsaimts a
  • Strikingly attractive backyard scene
  • An excellent dual purpose
  • Produced from Orpington chicken for high-quality egg without compromising too much size and meat quality
  • Backyard chicken


  • Adult weight: Males 8.5 pounds and Females 7.5 pounds
  • Color: Black with greenish purple sheen, large red plumage
  • Purpose: Dual purpose egg and meat production
  • Egg production: 250 plus per year
  • Egg color: Brown
  • Country of origin: Australia